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Visual Arts, Music and Drama

Marin Horizon’s Visual Arts, Music and Drama curriculum fosters creativity, self-expression, and collaboration. It immerses students in an array of artistic pursuits, including drawing, painting, music, and various theater genres, enabling them to form meaningful connections with the creative world around them.


The Visual Arts section emphasizes activities such as drawing, painting, clay, and fabric arts. It marries structured techniques with free expression and incorporates explorative field trips to exhibits that align with units of study.


The Music segment explores students' musical interests, develop their auditory skills, and express themselves creatively. Students are introduced to a wide variety of instruments, learn about rhythm, melody, and harmony, and are encouraged to participate in school ensembles.

The Drama program emphasizes creative expression, self-confidence, and acting skills through classes in dance, acting, technical theater production, and musical theater. Students engage in complex performances, such as end-of-semester musicals and dramas, allowing them to showcase their creative talents - a highly anticipated event and a highlight in the community.

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